S&OPEnd to End supply chain

This workshop aims at giving a strategic and analytical overview on end to end supply chain planning , it combines strategy , analytical tools and metrics for supply chain understanding and improvement .

An effective Sales an operation plan will be made by the forecasting team, the marketing team, the finance team and the supply chain team. All of these stakeholders must be involved to design a realistic and accurate plan that will streamline the operations of the organization into the future.

What could be included in this plan:

  • Sales projections
  • Organizational resources planning.
  • Scheduling of manufacturing and stocking operations.

It’s a truly comprehensive process that ties supply chains together. An effective supply chain leader should have a complete understanding and mastery of this principle with its underlying techniques.

In this workshop we will work step by step towards make a sales and operations plan for supply chain with hands-on examples that include generating demand forecast , applying rolling forecasts , optimizing the price of the product or service . aligning the capacity of the organization with sales projections and finally managing the other end of the supply chain where master production scheduling and material requirement planning plays the role of matching supply with demand.

The workshop includes optimization and prediction techniques aimed at improving sales forecast and maximizing profitability for the organization as well as minimizing supply chain cost.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to :

  • Generate a S&OP plan.
  • Apply both quantitative and qualitative methods to S&OP projections.
  • Know how to calculate trend and seasonality.
  • Know how to calculate external factors such as promotions .
  • Apply key forecasting error measures such as RMSE and MAPE.
  • Balance your forecast to be realistic to organizational and market goals.
  • Optimize pricing of your products using elasticity.
  • Apply rolling forecasts and align them with capacity and resources.
  • Apply master production scheduling techniques such as one time run, fixed order quantity , lot for lot and periodic order quantity.
  • Control your material requirement planning using know MRP techniques .
  • Plan for your capacity requirements such as labor hours using aggregate planning techniques.
  • Identify supply chain metrics to manage and assess supply chain performance.

Requriments :

As the Workshop is 50 % practice and 50% analytical , having a laptop and basic knowledge of excel is a must.