Warehouse efficiency, optimization and design solutions

Warehouses are the enablers and buffers of supply chain, having supply chain without warehouses is like running a marathon with a sprinting strategy, it cannot work!

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Procurement Consultancy

Suppliers are the initial veins of supply chains, having continuous accurate flow of supply can effectively reduce the unnecessary wastes in supply chain management such as unnecessary stocks, delayed deliveries, associated administrative costs.

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Pricing and Promotions

It’s simple! when we reduce the price pf our products, more customers tend to purchase our products. But during promotional seasons, what is the optimum selling price for maximizing the revenue stream or better the profit stream.

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Supply chain reporting and advisory

Supply chain nowadays are as complex as it gets as companies now source from remote locations, timing, uncertainty, political and socio-economic changes are always challenging companies supply chains.

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Inventory assessment, policy setting and stock reductions

Having trouble keeping up with customer demands? The products you have in stock are not what the customer requires? Products are going obsolete or being sold at lower than their cost? Let us help you optimize your inventory flow based on science and data analytics.

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