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Why our Consulting

We take a deep dive to supply chain process, develop strategies and solutions to reduce cost and increase service levels .

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Our Masterclasses

Practical-based Masterclasses for supply chain and data science Excellence, 100% satisfaction rate.

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Connect our applications to your database. Capture the performance of your supply chain with AI and analytics in real-time.

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who we are

Rescale analytics is an aspiring consultancy born in Dubai focused mainly on supply chain consultancy and process automation. Our target is optimization of your supply chain flows through analytics and Big Data.

Although we are a Startup, we are the very first in the region to combine data science and supply chain to improve supply chain efficiency.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.

Harnessing data and science to drive supply chains

Our events with Edusphere and Supply chain consultancy projects

"In Q4 2018, I was fortunate to find an opportunity to learn R in Dubai, after hearing about it from indirect references in UK.
I attended a Supply Chain Forecasting & Demand Planning Masterclass conducted by Haitham Omar and the possibilities seemed endless. So, we requested Haitham to conduct a 5-day workshop in our office to train 8 staff members, which opened us up as a team to deeper data analysis. Today, we have gone a step further and retained Haitham, as a consultant, to take our data analysis to the next level and to help us implement inventory guidelines for our business. The above progression of our actions is a clear indication of the capabilities of Haitham as a specialist in R and in data analytics, demand planning and inventory management."
Shilesh Medonca
Commercial lead in Adventure AHQ- Sharaf Group