Online Courses

RA: Data Science and Supply Chain analytics. A-Z with Python

Learn Python, Supply Chain Data Science ,Linear Programming, Forecasting, Pricing..

37 total hours | 406 lectures | All Levels

Supply Chain Design and Planning with Excel & Python.

Learn transport network design, Last mile delivery and Production scheduling with excel & Python.

11.5 total hours | 123 lectures | All Levels

Procurement & Supply Planning tools and techniques

Learn how to Make purchasing strategies ,MRP, forecast, inventory policies and techniques..

13 total hours | 147 lectures | All Levels

Retail management and analytics with excel and python

EP1: Learn Python & Retail Fundmentals ,Forecast Retail Sales with Deep learning,..

18.5 total hours | 192 lectures | All Levels

Revenue and Pricing Analytics with Excel & Python.

Maximize Product availability and Boost Business profitability with the art of pricing!

12.5 total hours | 153 lectures | All Levels

Retail Planning and Assortment Analytics with Excel & Python

Learn Python, Retail Budgeting and Metrics, OTB planning, Inventory and Assortment..

17 total hours | 188 lectures | All Levels

RA: Data Science and Supply chain analytics.(A-Z with R)

Learn R,Supply-chain Data Science, Inventory Optimization,Big Data forecasting,..

38 total hours | 378 lectures | All Levels

Statistical Thinking and Data Science with R.

R from A-Z! Statistics, Advanced Regression, Visualizations, Probabilities, Inference,..

12.5 total hours | 153 lectures | All Levels

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Haytham Omar
Consultant-Supply chain